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Post an oversize load and get bids by pilot car companies. Sift through the offers and strike on the best escort driver for the job based on price, rating, and experience.

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Load Variants

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    Wide Load

    Hauling an oversize double-wide or other wide load? Find the pilot car solutions you need.

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    Tall Load

    Is your tall load at risk of an overpass or traffic signal strike? You need an high-pole escort.

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    Long Load

    Transporting turbine blades or other long loads? Hire on an experienced tillerman to remote steer the rear.

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Our services

Lode is the number one online marketplace for pilot cars. Oversize load carriers post their upcoming pilot jobs anywhere in the country and have experienced escort drivers bid on the load. By comparing prices and ratings, its easy to find the right combination of experience and value.

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    Alert traffic ahead of your load to ensure a smooth transit.

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    Block traffic for safe lane changes and keep motorists at safe distance.

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    High pole

    Avoid overhead hazards with an early warning that your load may be too tall.

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    Steer the rear axles of long loads around tight turns.

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    Route Survey

    Find an experieced driver to perform a route survey ahead of your departure date

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    Hold pedestrians and traffic back in high-density locations.

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Our advantages

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    Schedule your load when its convenient for you and get quotes on demand

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    Compare mileage rates, day rates, overnight rates, and more before you book

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    Ensure your escort company has the skills, experience, and insurance you need

How it works

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    Register and post a load with departure date, location, and the needed pilot driver role

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    Review pilot car company quotes based on pricing and ratings

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    Select the winning quote to access the contact info and confirm the details

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  • Q: How do I get in touch with the selected pilot car company?

    A: We will share contact details between the oversize load carrier and the selected pilot car company after the quote has been selected.

  • Q: Can I unselect a selected quote?

    A: Oversize carriers that have selected a quote can unselect it at any time prior to the departure date and keep browsing other quotes.

  • Q: Does Lode guarantee the load or the service of the pilot car?

    A: Lode provides a marketplace for companies to find one another. Lode does not guarantee any contract or fulfillment.

  • Q: Does Lode charge any fees?

    A: Services provided by Lode, LLC are free of charge at this time. We may consider adjusting our pricing in the future to ensure we can continue to provide premium quality services.